Reusable grocery bags are one of the easiest and quickest ways for individuals and households to reduce their plastic consumption.

Most families grocery shop at least once a week, and most grocery stores only offer plastic bags for your produce and bulk items. This can add up…FAST.

reusable produce bag

Filt Reusable Grocery Bag

My favorite reusable grocery bag for produce is from Filt. It comes in a variety of colors and two sizes and they expand like crazy! I can usually always fit all of my fresh produce into one small bag.

I typically use this bag for fruits like apples, avocados, mangos and veggie items that are more durable like onions and eggplant.

veggie reusable grocery bag

Eco Bag reusable grocery bag

I have loved using these from The Earthling Co. They come in different sizes. Shopping for a family of 2 that is plant based, the vast majority of my shopping is in the veggie section. I usually use at least 5 of these bags every time. I love these for more delicate vegetables like mushrooms (and they’re breathable bags perfect in the fridge once I get home!). They’re also great for putting any loose leafy greens or loose green beans that you purchase.

There are SO many options to choose from. My advice would be to get at least 6 of these, and you could get different sizes as well.

bulk reusable grocery bags

Food 52 bulk grocery bag

It’s always better to buy from the bulk grocery section as it’s often more affordable than buying the same items pre-packaged, and it’s much more environmentally friendly! Again, most grocery stores offer plastic bags here. Instead, bring your own cotton, canvas or paper bags. I’m loving this option from Food 52 that gives you both produce and bulk bag options. These bags from Uashmama are another great option that you’ll feel good about using, and I love how many color options they offer.

grocery tote bags

Veno Insulated reusable grocery bag

Lastly, after you’ve put all of your individual grocery items into their reusable bags, you have to pack it all up in the larger bags to bring home! For a quick, mid-week trip, I love this option. But as a more regular use item, these organic cotton bags are my pick. If you want to have a few insulated options which I use, I love these Veno bags. They are super sturdy and will last years.

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