It can feel overwhelming or daunting to go on journey to be more eco friendly. So I’m breaking it down into bite size pieces with this sustainable swaps series. Today, I’ll be focusing on sustainable swaps for your kitchen.

There are lots of little things we can do as individuals to reduce our footprint and impact on our planet. These are just a few easily actionable items you can swap to this month to make your kitchen a little bit greener!

Swap for reusable paper towels

unpaper towel sustainable kitchen swap

Instead of constantly buying paper towels that get tossed in the trash, try out some resusable paper towels. I find it becomes more convenient to use the reusable option when I keep a small basket under the sink to put the used ones in as I clean. These reusable options will last for years and don’t continue to cut down our forests. It can take some time to get used to reusable paper towels, so you can start by taking a baby step by committing to use these to wipe down the countertops and table surfaces. The more reasonable switch you can make, the longer lasting the change will be and therefore more impactful!

Ditch plastic, single use straws

eco friendly glass straw

Making the swap from plastic straws to bamboo, stainless steel or glass options is one of the easiest swaps to make. There are seriously endless reusable straw options out there these days, theres really no excuse to use a plastic straw these days. It is estimated that in the US we use 500 MILLION PLASTIC STRAWS EVERYDAY! These are all SINGLE USE and go straight into landfills and our oceans. Reusable straws are not only stylish, but a zillion times more eco friendly than single use plastic ones. If you want something extra aesthetically pleasing, check these out!

Swap to a reusable dish soap container

blueland reusable dish soap sustainable

You can ditch the plastic dish soap vessels and opt for this great reusable option from Blueland. According to Blueland, a household goes through 30 of the single use plastic dish soap bottles every year. In my apartment building of 20 units, thats 600 plastic dish soap bottles! Just from my building alone! When you realize how much waste there is, it’s a lot easier to know that your small actions are going to have a mighty big impact. Being confident in my positive impact also helps me stick with a swap that may not seem the most convenient at first.

Use recycled trash bags

grove recycled plastic bag sustainable kitchen swap

Instead of buying your trash bags at the store that are made with brand new plastic, commit to purchasing these bags made from 100% recycled single use plastic. We are all going to create trash, but even in your trash you can still make a more conscious decision and effort to be more sustainable. For this sustainable swaps for your kitchen, why not use bags that are made from past single use plastic trash!? Plus, with every purchase you are supporting Grove Collaborative’s mission to remove litter from our waterways. Win, win!

say yes to silicone bags

stasher bags sustainable kitchen swap

You’ll find no shortage of silicone kitchen bags out there! I personally use Stasher bags and LOVE them. While you do have to take the effort to clean them out after you use them, it is well worth the effort for how much plastic you’re saving from landfills and our oceans. Also, Stasher makes it super simple for you because all of their bags are dishwasher safe AND freezer safe! They come in a variety of sizes and shapes, so I actually find they are more versatile than any other bag!

cut out the saran wrap

wax paper sustainable kitchen swap

Saran wrap is one of the biggest single use plastic culprits. Now, you can just use these reusable storage wraps! You simply wash them in cold water after each use and hang to dry (I usually lay it across the top of another bowl or cup on my drying rack). The best part, once you get all the use you can out of these, they are 100% biodegradable and compostable. I have not found a vegan wrap option, all I have found do contain beeswax. Please let me know if you have a vegan option you love!

While it can feel like a big monetary commitment initially to make sustainable swaps for your kitchen, a lot of the swaps are going to be reusable, so in the long term, that actually means more savings for you, and more love for our planet.

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